“Sound – the emotive art form”

Great sound will only happen if it is planned for. I use the right equipment for each job and remain focused. I have an easy going and helpful attitude and always have a plan ‘B’ for when situations demand!

I started 25 years ago, with a battered old SQN portable mixer. Now, the kit list is far more comprehensive, carefully looked after and always expanding. I still love what I do and happy customers are my goal.

I can supply and manage the audio for a small video production, a live news broadcast, or a conference using a mixing desk and PA. Podcasts are a growing requirement, as are telephone recording, voice overs and music recording.

I have collaborated with many different organizations and regularly work with ITN, ITV, BBC sport and Eurosport.

I have a Press card to grant me access to restricted places and an i-visa for working in the USA. This is valid until October 2021.

Please do give me a call to discuss your ideas.

Regular clients