Blue Acoustic PA system.

Sound Devices 688 12 channel digital mixer and recorder.

Sound Devices CL-12 Linear controller.

Sound Devices 664 12 channel analogue mixer and recorder.

Sontronics Aria Valve condenser microphone

Focusrite ISA One Preamp

6 x Wisycom radio microphones.

1 x Wisycom hand held radio microphone.

1 x Micron radio microphone.

4 x Ambient Timecode Lockit boxes.

3 x Sennheiser Lecturn Mics.

1 x Sennheiser Boom Mic.

1 x Sanken Boom Mic.

1 x Sontronics Aria valve condenser microphone

Various gadgets and interfaces for live broadcasts and PA’s.

Personal amp boxes and earpieces for in ear monitoring.

Regular clients